“Claim your power, change the world”

A truly unique and one of a kind brand who creates sportswear, casual wear and swimwear for women & men.  We bring a little style and a lot of fun to clothes you'd wear every day. Fitbury Clothing Co offers uniquely designed and affordable clothing made from quality fabrics and materials. Whether you're going to the gym, hanging out or running errands you should be comfortable and feel like your unique self. We'll make sure you're comfortable and happy.

We are proud to be a positive and professional team, proud to bring you a quality product with a creative flair locally produced in our lovely country. 

My Story

I was trying to find active wear that was more suitable to my taste and my personality. There isn't anything out there that I feel is truly unique and fashionable. 

So I decided to design and make something that I would love to wear, this quickly became a dream to share the clothing line with people.  One of my friends from church confirmed that I wasn't the only one who thought that my life should go in this direction.  I took on the challenge and here we are! 

"It makes me feel free, it makes life colourful! That will be my gift to you, creativity and freedom to express yourself!"

- Hele’ Anante’ Wansbury - CEO and founder


Visit us in our online store, on Instagram and Facebook.  You can also come and visit the FitBury Factory to see the magic in the making.  Look out for Fitbury at festivals,markets and shops near you soon.  


Look out for:

* Activewear

* Casual Wear

* Swimwear

It's time for something new, level up and become part of the Fitbury Family. You can expect quality and attention to detail in every seam, design and all materials used.  Each range is only made once and the stock is limited, this way your Fitbury outfit will be unique and not mass produced, which in return gives us better control over keeping our quality standards high.